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Skitter Tag: How To Get/Build

Skitter Tag is an obscure game. The good news is that you can be the first on your block to master the game. The bad news is that its binaries didn't come with your Linux distribution. You'll have to get the source files and build/install the executable yourself.

To get a relatively stable package of files, download the skittertag package from the Skitter Tag File List.

To get the latest greatest version of the files, make sure that you're set up to use CVS and then follow the directions at the Skitter Tag CVS Page.

When you have the files, you'll want to build and compile them. One of the files you just acquired is called README. It contains the build instructions. Follow those instructions. If the instructions are wrong but you get things working anyhow, please file a bug or send mail so that we can make things work better for the next person.